Arnot Gospel Hall

Cupar Road, Kennoway, Fife

Seed Sowers

We have recently been distributing Seedsower’s to very home in Kennoway, Windygates and some surrounding Villages.

A seedsower is a bible verse printed on a presentation card with a explanation of the verse overleaf. We invite you to consider the message of this verse, how you can know the Lord Jesus Christ God's son as your saviour.

We Are: A group of Christians whose aim is to have this verse from the Bible in every home in the UK.

We Believe: That Jesus Christ, the son of God become a man and died for mankind because we have all broken his law; that He rose bodily from the dead and returned to Heaven and He is alive today; that by truly repenting of our sins and believing in Jesus Christ we can be assured of forgiveness of sins and eternal life; one day everyone will meet Jesus Christ, either as Saviour or as Judge.

We Hope: That you will take the time to fill in this response card and request some free literature.